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Digital Asset Management Forum for Heritage and Culture

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Instructor: Edward Smith


This workshop focuses on digital asset management (DAM) strategies and solutions for the needs of heritage and cultural organizations. The
workshop is intended for those with an interest in managing image and document libraries. Whether you're new to the world of DAM or more
advanced, you'll walk away with valuable user tools, tips, and tricks.

Workshop attendees will learn:

  • What to take into consideration before implementing a DAM solution.
  • How to evaluate a DAM solution to best meet your unique needs and determine ROI.
  • How to define your future workflow to ensure you achieve the desired outcome.
  • DAM best practices with a focus on digital asset distribution.
  • The importance of determining the right metadata, schema, and taxonomy for effective DAM.
  • How to organize, archive, and distribute your digital assets.

You'll have an opportunity to participate in roundtable and workflow discussions while networking with your peers. Participants will discuss
topics like asset organization and metadata and taxonomy for effective DAM and see real-world examples by 

an expert in workflow and system integrations.

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