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Using Semantic MediaWiki for Easy Data Integration

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Case Study title: Using Semantic MediaWiki for “Easy” Data Integration

Presenter: Don Undeen (Senior Information Architect, The Metropolitan Museum of Art)




“Traditional” Data integration projects often require a lot of advance planning, data discovery,  mapping algorithms, and the design of a new data model that defines in advance the target domain. More recently, the Semantic Web approach has given us a schema-less data store where we can freely associate information from multiple “silos.” However, the Semantic Web is a paradigm, not an application. Semantic Mediawiki (a collection of extensions for the popular Mediawiki software)  is where the Semantic Web becomes “real.” In this presentation, I’ll introduce the basics of the Semantic Mediawiki, and show how I’ve used a Semantic Mediawiki installation to pull data from a variety of sources, and use that data to:

     - Create unified object pages

     - Do aggregate searches and reports

     - Generate faceted search pages

     - Build prototype applications

     - Use that data as a source for other applications

     - And so much more

I’ll demonstrate the necessary components and steps, and offer copies of my custom software installation. I’ll also talk about potential stumbling blocks, pitfalls, and areas for future development.



Don Undeen is a Senior Information Architect at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. His background includes web development, internal application development, legacy systems, warehouse software, and database design for such diverse fields as eCommerce, children's oncology, and affiliate marketing.



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