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Tablet Enhanced Group Tours

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Tablet Enhanced Group Tours


In the Fall of 2009 the Minneapolis Institute of Arts launched a project exploring the issues and opportunities related to offering media-enhanced guided tours. Tour guides integrated a range of rich media content into group tours using tablet-based computers (iPads). The project research focuses on selecting appropriate hardware and software solutions, identifying interpretive integration strategies, selecting and preparing tour appropriate media, physical tour integration and usability, and the  training tour guides. The project uses research and assessment to iteratively improve the design and delivery of these tours over a one year period, ultimately identifying and adopting a set of best practices that will be shared with the larger museum field. This presentation focuses on the research, training strategies and findings to date and will include personal comments and testimonials from the museum educators and tour guides involved in the research.

Session Info

  • Type: Individual Paper
  • Keywords: Mobile, Research, Tablets, iPad, Art Museums, Tour Guides, Group Tours, Docents, Technology Training, Wireless Networking
  • Relevance: This session is relevant to museum technologists, educators, curators and administrators interested in enhancing traditional guided tours through the integration of digital resources. 


Speaker Bio

Scott Sayre is a founder and principal at Sandbox Studios, a Minneapolis-based group that works with museums and other non-profits to plan, create, manage and assess technology projects. Scott has a doctorate in Education and has over twenty years of experience working with emerging education and information technologies. Scott is the Chair of the Pachyderm Governance Council and serves on the board of the New Media Consortium. From 1991-2002, he was the Director of Media and Technology at The Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Scott teaches at the Johns Hopkins University and the University of Lugano, Switzerland.

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