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Building map guides with open source tools and content´╗┐

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DC MapGuide (http://dcmapguide.com ) is a web-based map application under active development. It will feature custom maps, created with free, open source tools.


The site integrates open source content, collected via the OpenStreetMap project, including highly detailed maps of Arlington National Cemetery and the National Zoo. Map data is stored in a PostgreSQL database, with Mapnik used to render custom map tiles, and OpenLayers used to integrate interactive maps on the site, built with Django but the tools are also easy to integrate with Drupal-based sites.


The site draws descriptive information about these places from Wikipedia, and curates the content together into to end up with a high quality guide to places around Washington DC. The talk will include a brief overview of the tools and the process of creating and curating the content.



Session Info 

  • Keywords: web, map, wiki, content
  • Relevance: people interested in mapping technology or open content

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