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Tracked Sessions

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Thu 28 Oct 2010: 1030

10:30 12:00 Capitol A/B The Questionable Objective: Imaging, Accuracy, and Expectations Media
10:30 12:00 Capitol C Re-peter and Cee-Cal: an open source Collaborative Calendaring Environment Data
10:30 12:00 Tannehill

Volunteer-generated content at the Goodwill Computer Museum

10:30 12:00 Capitol View Terrace North Engaging the Audience: Understanding and responding to our Visitors' Needs Visitors
10:30 12:00 Capitol View Terrace South

Building a Community of Museums: MIDEA Member Reflection




Thu 28 Oct 2010: 1530

15:30 17:00 Capitol A/B The Collection in another context: Participating in online aggregations – how to and why Collaboration
15:30 17:00 Capitol C


  1. Omeka: Open Source for Open Museums?
  2. Unlocking Museum Systems with Open Source
15:30 17:00 Tannehill Crossing Over: from Library to Museum Collections, an Emerging Paradigm Professionalization
Capitol View Terrrace South

Online communities & access

  1. Modernizing the Modern Art Museum: A Collaboration Between Librarians and Museum Professionals to Improve Access to Collections
  2. Broadcast, media and community - A History of the World
  3. Bringing Wikipedia in-house: The British Museum Wikipedian in Residence project
15:30 17:00 Capitol View Terrace North

Digital learning 1

  1. Institutional Transparency Through Educational Programs: A Case Study 2.0

  2. Growing Your Audience: Reaching kids online with digital museum educational resources

  3. Mashing up history and teaching our kids - the public is invited




Fri 29 Oct 2010: 1030

10:30 12:00 Capitol A/B Surveying the Gap Between the Digital and Physical Visitors Visitors
10:30 12:00 Capitol C Copyright & Technology: Digital Rights Management in the Field Data
10:30 12:00 Capitol View Terrace North

Commons & digital collections

  1. Steve in Action: Tools and Applications for Social Tagging
  2. By the Field, For the Field: Research Methods and Findings for an Online Scholarly Catalogue
  3. Museums Without Walls: Using Web Applications to Showcase Outdoor Collections and Engage the Community
10:30 12:00 Capitol View Terrace South

Digital learning 2

  1. Rethinking Modern Teachers Online at MoMA
  2. The Power of Visual Storytelling: Merging Collections with Fiction
  3. Crowd-Sourcing & Citizen History at the Holocaust Museum: An Online Collaborative Learning Lab
Tannehill Making the Case to Management Professionalization



Fri 29 Oct 2010: 1530

15:30 17:00 Capitol A/B Collaborative Exhibits: Small Investment, Big Return Collaboration
15:30 17:00 Tannehill Building Digital Curation Capacity for Museums Data
15:30 17:00 Capitol View Terrace North

Ethics and the Idea of the Museum

  1. Ethics and Museums: Learning from Students
  2. Fostering A Democratic Museum Culture

  3. The Identity of Objects: Historical Trends in the Concept of Collection

15:30 17:00 Capitol View Terrace South Visualizing Museum Collections Media
15:30 17:00 Capitol C Involving Users in the Co-Construction of Digital Knowledge in Museums Engaging



Sat 30 Oct 2010: 1030

10:30 12:00 Capitol A/B 2010 Horizon Report: Museum Edition Roundtable Professionalization
10:30 12:00 Capitol C

Building Communities of Interest with Museum Collections, Libraries, and Archives

  1. The Biodiversity Heritage Library (www.biodiversitylibrary.org)
  2. Flickr Commons (www.flickr.com/photos/smithsonian/)
  3. Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies Online Conference Series
10:30 12:00 Capitol View Terrace South


  1. Two Birds, One Stone: Creating an iPhone App and Mobile Site Simultaneously
  2. TAP: A Mobile Tour Platform and Strategy for Museum Mobile Content
  3. Say When: Deciding How Much is Too Much in a Museum Mobile Tour
10:30 12:00 Tannehill

21st Century Conservation

  1. Preserving and exhibiting born-digital literary materials
  2. Building the Artists Documentation Archive: Negotiating Digital Preservation and Access to Conservation Documentation at the Menil Collection




Sat 30 Oct 2010: 1330

13:30 15:00 Capitol View Terrace South Empowering Museums to Turn Action into Data Visitors
13:30 15:00 Capitol A/B Conference Round-up Professionalization
13:30 15:00 Capitol C Making Beautiful Metadata Together: Training to Share in Texas Collaboration
13:30 15:00 Tannehill

New technologies applied

  1. Bringing Sculptures Out of the Internet Stone Age - The Mourners: Sculptures from the Court of Burgundy
  2. Sensors: getting engaged!
13:30 15:00 Capitol View Terrace North

Data management

  1. DAM Busters: Digital Asset Management Strategies for Multi-Platform Content Delivery



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